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Our company’s founder and CEO Mr Cemil ÖZGÜR, started his first self-employment life on 1946.


Our company have successfully completed tenths of dams, roads, universities, factories and buildings, of which amounted totally about 1,5 billion USD since 1946, and submitted the same for the use of our country. Cemil Özgür İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. have completed a grand total of more than 17 million m³ of dam fillings, and more than 600 km of roads and other buildings and industrial facilities covering over 1,000,000 m² of land for the contracting projects, undertaken by the company.


Foundations of the Turkey’s ready-mixed concrete sector, which have reached a sales volume of 102 million m³ per annum by 2013, were laid by our company’s founder and CEO, Mr Cemil ÖZGÜR with the first ready-mixed concrete manufacturing and distribution facility, established with a capacity of 200,000 m³ per annum on 1974 in Ankara by him. By means of this huge step, Mr Cemil ÖZGÜR once again demonstrated his pioneering impact in the construction sector, which is recognised as the driving force of the country’s economy. Our firm utilises its huge expertise in this sector in the ready-mixed concrete facility and precast concrete manufacturing plants, established in the Russian Federation.


Mr Cemil ÖZGÜR first established Özgür Brick Factory in 1970, utilising the state of art technology of the time, and since then, with the addition of a fully automated second facility in 1986 as part of a modernisation efforts, Özgür Brick Factory reached a capacity of 230,000 tons per annum and manufactures bricks with over 40 different types of products. Bricks, manufactured at Özgür Brick Factory, become the leader of the sector with their quality, which highly exceeds norms of the Turkish Standards Institute. Our firm intends to utilize its sound experience in the brick manufacturing sector in a brick factory, which is currently being built in the Russian Federation.


As a natural result of being the constructor of countless works to our industry and economy on an honest and increasing attitude up today, Mr Cemil Özgür has become the record income taxpayer in Turkey for 2002.


With the belief that the improvement of education is the most important issue, a group of businessmen from Bitlis lead by Mr Cemil ÖZGÜR resolved to establish a Foundation along with the intellectual people of Bitlis as well as the local administration in order to support enthusiastic and gifted youth, who are unable to receive a good education, as well as to improve the number and quality of schools in Bitlis, and established BETAV (Foundation for Education and Promotion of Bitlis) on 1987. Founding President of the Foundation, Mr Cemil ÖZGÜR has directed the Foundation for 19 years and now he is the Honorary President of the Foundation. The Foundation covered the educational expenditures of a total of 2684 young people from families with low income within Bitlis, and submitted them to the use of our country, and completed constructions of tens of educational facilities within Bitlis.


On 2006, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey presented Mr Cemil ÖZGÜR with the State Outstanding Service Award in recognition of his services and contributions to our country.


Cemil Özgür İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is currently carrying out successful projects in Russia and Ivory Coast with the confidence of years of experience in addition to its currently continuing contractual works within our country.

Cemil Özgür Construction

More than 17 million m³ of dam embankment...

More than 600 km of road construction...

More than 1 million m² of building and industrial facility construction

Outstanding Service Award in State

Cemil Özgür Construction